The Caribbean

mapa-eng-caribeExtending over 1600 km of coastal line, the Colombian Caribbean region comprises various archipelagos and paradisiac islands. The white sandy beaches, the palm trees, and the clear warm water combined with lively colors and rhythmic music, makes of this region a tropical dream destination.


Provided with amazing geographical diversity, this region includes a mountain massif covered with perennial snow (5770m); rain forests, arid deserts, coral reefs, swamps, and vast plains, which makes of this a unique Caribbean landscape. It also provides tourists with quality infrastructure especially designed for the traveler searching for rest and comfort.


For the more adventurous traveler, this region also offers a number of remote places to enjoy the intact nature and absolute tranquility.


Lovers of the pre-Columbian culture will discover a land full of history with its vestiges standing proudly under the sunny sky.

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