La Ruta Natural


La Ruta Natural resulted from the union of passion and experience. It is a receptive travel agency which seeks to show visitors all the jewels of El Dorado that Colombia has to offer. Licensed by the Colombian Ministry of Tourism (License No. 17089), the agency is located in Cali, in the southwest of Colombia. We offer our professional experience so that you can discover this part of South America at its best. We have a portfolio of routes designed to cover a big part of Colombia’s diversity and history, but we also offer tailor made trips according to your preferences, time and budget. All our trips are designed in accordance to the safety standards set by the embassies from the countries we work with, covering all kind of trips of your choice: cultural, recreational, rest, adventure or all the above! La Ruta Natural is committed to offer you the best portrait of the country and its people, which will be difficult to forget. Cultural exchange and the discovery of all the richness and wonders of this place will not fail to surprise you, because Colombia is Magical Realism*.




Alain comes from the commercial sector and has acquired a solid experience in tourism, through several years as the owner of a receptive travel agency which operates all around Central Asia. Serving as a true liaison between the passion for cultural exchanges and his experience in tourism, Alain provided Djamel with the support and the rigorousity necessary for showing tourists the wonders of Colombia.




Djamel has a great passion for discovering new places and people, which in his early age drove him to travel around the world in search of cultural exchanges, adventure, and especially, personal enrichment from the encounters he could find along his way. Always motivated by his wish to go deep into his life experiences, Djamel specialized in Latin American civilizations as part of his university courses, and made of this continent his home.


Nowadays, Djamel lives in Cali, Colombia, a country whose most remote places he has visited and whose hospitable people and stunning landscapes he has found enchanting. As an expert of Latin American countries, Djamel found in Colombia all the richness of a continent in one country. On his search to fulfill his passion for traveling, Djamel met Alain.




Paola worked for many years in marketing for multinational companies and during her business trips she always took the opportunity to learn and live a little from the culture of the countries she visited. That was how her curiosity about the world started growing and travel became her passion. One day she decided to quit her job and go travel the world on a gap year that led her to Oceania, Asia and Europe. Upon her return, she met Djamel and Alain who invited her to put her experience at the service of her passion, offering her country Colombia, to the world.


Our services


  • 11 to 30 days-tours, arranged as desired by the traveler
  • Flexibility to arrange tailor made tours according to your preferences, time and budget
  • Aiport pick up and transfers
  • Hotels, hostels, different type family houses, selected according to your wishes
  • Excursions and visits to natural parks, museums, and other tourist sites
  • Licensed English, Spanish and French speaking tourist guides


Our slogan

“Traveler, there is no road; you make your path as you walk.” Antonio Machado

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